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1.Product Specification

Product Name:Navi800 Smart Front Light Oimensions :L:105mm W:31mm O:34mm Operation Mode: Ruto/Manual Battery: 3350mah rechargeable Lithium-ion bettery Weighe:139g(including mounting bracket) Run Time: 8.4hrs@200Lm 1.5hrs@800Lm Color: Black Waterproof:Ipx6

2.Accessories Navi800/Battey/USB Cable /Handlebar Bracket Mounting/ Gropro Mount Bracket

3.Operation and functionality Navi800 comes with a motion sensor which allow the light to detect if the user is moving the bike and truning on/off the light automatically Key Function Operation Function Single click Change the output power or turn on the light Oouble Click Switch betweenAuto moda and manual made Press down>1s Switch off Note:When operation in Auto-mode the light will be turn on again if motion is detected Auto/Manual mode The navi800 supports two operation modes which can be changed between the two modes by double tclicks he button

4.Change the batery Chanrge the battery Remove the rubber seal 1 on the button of Navi800 and charge the battery via the USB connector.,Battery will be fully charge in2-3 hours.Charge indicator will turn red when charging is in progress and will turn gree when charge completed. Replace the battery The battery can be remove/replace by turning the cartridge clockwise or anti-clockwise as below:

5.Installation Handlebar mount: Mount the handlebar bracket to the handlebar and slide in the Navi800. Cycle Computer Mount(GroPro Adaptor Inseall the GroPro adaptor to a standard cycle computer bracket (with GpoPro pount),and slide in the Navi800.Make sure keep the button on the top. 6.Warranty The tail light is covered by a one month warranty.